We Do Not Collect A Single Dollar Or Retainer Signature Until Your IVF Doctor Has Reviewed Your Surrogate’s Medical Records And You Have Completed A Match Meeting Facilitated By A Licensed Professional. Assisting surrogates throughout the U.S. and Parents Worldwide.

Compare your Costs and be Aware of your Benefits

Parents we will beat any all inclusive agency program COST + PLUS discount it by $5,000.00

Surrogacy Programs Cost
Choice Guarantee Term©$140,100
Choice Guarantee Unlimited©$155,100
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Our Guarantee Programs offer Intended Parents:

  • An all-inclusive program that covers all Choice Surrogate fees and expenses for unlimited transfers and any complications that may arise during your Choice surrogacy journey.
  • Costs in 3 predictable payments to help you plan financially.
  • Costs are paid throughout your journey and NOT ALL PAYMENTS ARE DUE AT SURROGATE MATCH!
  • No surprise costs or invoices, even in scenarios that require a rematch with a new Choice Surrogate per the program you choose.

Professional Fees

  • Locating and matching with your Choice Surrogate, including any necessary rematches
  • Coordinating the Choice surrogacy journey with your IVF clinic
  • Payment and coordination of all outside ultrasounds/monitoring for Choice Surrogate.
  • All non-medical and psychological screening of Choice Surrogate.
  • All legal fees for Intended Parents and Choice Surrogate for Surrogacy Agreements, as well as Intended Parents’ costs to establish legal parentage at birth.
  • Legal representation of Intended Parents throughout your Choice surrogacy journey.
  • Management and distribution of escrowed funds throughout your Choice surrogacy journey.
M12130 - Choice Surrogacy - Cost Comparison Videos
M12130 - Choice Surrogacy - Cost Comparison Video 3

Surrogate Fees

Surrogate Fees (included on an unlimited basis until you bring your baby home)

  • Choice Surrogate expenses, such as her monthly fee and expenses for local monitoring appointments, travel, maternity clothing, post-birth recovery, housekeeping and monthly miscellaneous expenses.
  • Contingent and unexpected expenses, such as bed rest, lost wages or c-section fees.
  • All necessary insurance expenses, including coverage of pregnancy, labor and delivery costs, complications insurance for embryo transfers, and life insurance for your Choice Surrogate.