Surrogates we will beat any agency BENEFITS + PLUS add an additional $5,000.00 to your benefit package

We Do Not Collect A Single Dollar Or Retainer Signature Until Your IVF Doctor Has Reviewed Your Surrogate’s Medical Records And You Have Completed A Match Meeting Facilitated By A Licensed Professional. Assisting surrogates throughout the U.S. and Parents Worldwide.

Choice Surrogacy guarantees the lowest professional surrogate agency program fee.

In addition to the guaranteed lowest program fee, it includes cost-cutting legal, medical, psychological, insurance professional and escrow fees together with some fixed benefits for surrogates. Choice works with doctors that help control expensive fertility treatments, testing and services furthering the containment of total out of pocket costs and providing peace of mind on your journey to achieve a successful pregnancy. From finding a surrogate to being one, Choice Surrogacy can assist you throughout the surrogacy process.

First, submit the short Parent Questionnaire and a Choice professional will contact you to set up your WeChat or Skype surrogacy education and information consult. The consult will provide an in-depth discussion about our streamlined process and surrogacy and professional financial package estimates.