Feel Comfortable And Confident With Choice Surrogacy.

Whether you are an aspiring parent or are hoping to provide aspiring parents with the gift of a baby, our Texas-based surrogate agency is here to help provide you with the care and resources needed throughout the entire process. When you embark on this beautiful journey with our experienced surrogate agency, we work tirelessly to help guide you through this time, help you feel comfortable and confident, and achieve your dream of becoming a parent or help give the gift of a child to an individual or couple or who aspires to start a family.

We Do Not Collect A Single Dollar Or Retainer Signature Until Your IVF Doctor Has Reviewed Your Surrogate’s Medical Records And You Have Completed A Match Meeting Facilitated By A Licensed Professional. Assisting surrogates throughout the U.S. and Parents Worldwide.


Why Choose Choice Surrogacy Over Other Surrogate Agencies?

  • We are a niche agency that love what we do and do what we love on a very personal basis. We provide one on one guidance unlike the larger agencies. We choose to be small and keep the heart in surrogacy. This is a human experience not a business experience with Choice.
  • Choice Surrogacy is family owned and operated. A professional Mother Daughter team. We are not owned by a foreign entity nor a doctor’s consortium nor several absentee business partners. Only one owner who was a surrogate herself 21 years ago, and an industry professional for decades.
  • Choice Surrogacy owner is a licensed and bonded surplus lines insurance broker in California and in Texas. She worked 20 years as a Lloyd’s of London Coverholder in the U.S. and the first Licensed Insurance Broker with authority to create most every insurance policy in the Assisted Reproduction Insurance arena over the last 25 years.
  • Choice Surrogacy provides excellent care and service while providing the lowest cost guaranteed programs in the surrogacy professional community together with providing the best benefits to your surrogate.
  • Choice is the only surrogacy agency offering Guaranteed Programs, stopping the loss of parent’s financials through the surrogacy journey.
  • We provide our surrogates with a base compensation of $58,000+ with other benefits and Guarantee we pay the most by matching any other agency surrogate pay.

Why Choice:
Parents and Surrogates choose Choice for its outstanding commitment to continue innovating the surrogacy experience with leading-edge business models of pricing and protection while keeping the Parents financial investment and the Surrogates benefits first in mind.

Who we are:
Choice is a group of ground-breaking professionals working within the surrogacy community for over two decades.

How we serve:
Choice facilitates the journey for the Parent and Surrogate by coordinating services with each of its professional partners specific to their specialty fields.