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Founder and Former Owner of Growing Generations, surrogacy agency, and New Life Agency, assisted reproduction insurance company, Taylor’s team at Choice Surrogacy serves no more than 75 clients annually and is proud to provide personal, individualized service all along the way. "We are proud to be a boutique agency and always excited to help our parents and surrogates through one of the most important journeys of their life”, Trish Taylor

We are a full service surrogacy agency comprised of experienced professionals within the surrogacy industry that have helped thousands of new parents and surrogates for over 25 years and is committed to choice and cost containment. Whether you are just starting to contemplate surrogacy or you already have chosen your IVF doctor and ready for your embryo transfer, Choice Surrogacy is happy to guide you through choosing your surrogate and providing education and information throughout your surrogacy journey. Choice Surrogacy provides excellent care and service while providing the lowest cost guaranteed programs in the surrogacy professional community together with providing the best benefits to your surrogate.

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Choice surrogates are women that understand the opportunity being a surrogate provides. They realize it is an avenue for women to give the ultimate gift in life and receive unbound blessings the rest of their life.

Our surrogates envelop a character of nurturing a dream for people desiring to have a family that would not be possible without their contribution. In return, Choice surrogates receive the best benefits offered in surrogacy.

In return Choice surrogates receive the best benefits offered in surrogacy.


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Choice Guarantee Surrogacy Programs Are Structured To Achieve Two Primary Goals: Success and Cost Security. Designed for parents to have peace of mind and financial protection allowing their focus only to be bringing home their baby

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Choice Financing is happy to offer a way to alleviate the financial investment in choosing to create your family through surrogacy. Financing options are for all assisted reproduction needs, including IVF treatments, insurance, surrogacy and fertility medications.

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