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At Choice Surrogacy, our mission is to provide the best-of-the-best surrogacy services to every party involved in the process. We are proud to offer services to the LBGTQ couples and individuals who are looking to fulfill their dream of having a child of their own. As members of LGBTQ community ourselves, we are here to provide guidance and support every single step of the way so that you feel comfortable throughout the entire process.


Why Choose Choice As Your Surrogacy Agency:

  • We are committed to continue innovating the surrogacy experience
  • We utilize leading-edge business models of pricing and protection
  • We have over two decades of experience in the surrogacy community
  • We are welcoming of individuals from all backgrounds and cultures
  • We facilitate the journey for both parents and surrogates by coordinating services
  • We strive to provide the best benefits offered in surrogacy

Build a Family with LGBTQ Surrogacy Services Offered by Choice Surrogacy

Choice Surrogacy is proud to offer LGBTQ surrogacy services to couples and individuals looking to fulfill their dreams of becoming parents. We are honored to be a part of the LGBTQ community personally and we will help you through every step of the process. When you work with our experienced surrogate agency, you are working with a team of dedicated professionals who work closely with hopeful parents around the world to help them find the perfect surrogate to provide them the gift of a child.

Trish, Owner of Choice Surrogacy, and her wife, Gail Taylor, began their journey to parenthood in the 1990’s. Their family has been trail blazing pioneers in the surrogacy community for the past 25 years, helping thousands of people become parents. Trish began as the founder of Growing Generations in 1996, which is one of the leading global surrogacy agencies still today. Their vision of providing equality of treatment in the surrogacy industry has facilitated thousands of LGBT families to have their own biological connection to their children. In fact, Trish Taylor herself was a surrogate in 2002 delivering a healthy baby boy. Tom and Mike are the parents of Jack, and are a part of each other’s families today and forever.

Trish focused her attention on creating an insurance company that covered surrogate pregnancy, delivery, egg donation, and infertility treatments through insurance programs, founding New Life Agency in 1998 and serving as founder and President for 17 years. Trish was instrumental in creating some of the original laws for surrogacy insurance in California that today are included in every surrogacy agreement in the nation. Surrogacy, now, is one of the most trusted, reliable, and understood options for the LGBT community to consider building their families.

Their journey continues today with Choice Surrogacy, guaranteeing their clients cost containing programs that are above and beyond any other surrogate agency serving the LGBT community. Choice Surrogacy is proud to be gay owned and operated.

How LBGTQ Surrogacy Works

While the process of surrogacy for LGBTQ parents is very similar to what other parents experience when they work with Choice Surrogacy, there are a few unique considerations, but our team is here to provide assistance and guidance every step of the way.

When you have officially decided to move forward with the surrogacy process, we match you with a fully screened surrogate who will provide you with the greatest chance of having a baby. This match will go through extensive health screenings in order to confirm that they are a good fit for you and the overall surrogacy process. In order to truly ensure that your surrogate is a good fit for you, we also ensure that we match you with a surrogate who is supportive of the LBGTQ community.

Take the Next Steps Towards Parenthood

If you are considering LGBTQ surrogacy, our surrogate agency would be more than happy to help facilitate you throughout the process of this life-enhancing experience. Whenever you are ready to take the next step, fill out our Parents Questionaire. We look forward to working with you to select the ideal surrogate and will ensure that everyone involved feels supported and comfortable throughout the entire process.


LGBTQ Surrogacy Services

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