Become A Surrogate Mother In Texas


• Have had a positive and enjoyable pregnancy
• Be a female of 25-45 years of age
• Have delivered one or more children
• Have had past pregnancies with minimum complications
• Will complete a series of medication injections assisting in the successful conception of an embryo implantation thru In Vitro Fertilization
• Must be a U.S. citizen
• Be a non-smoker living in a non-smoking home
• Tubal ligation is ok
• Be a non-drug user
• Reliable transportation to and from appointments
• Have no history of arrests or substance abuse
• Have a BMI of 32 or under




APPLY NOW! Choice Surrogacy has the highest rewarding compensation and deals with International and U.S. Intended Parents who are kind as well as generous. Choice Surrogacy will be with you every step of your journey and give you the personalized and professional attention that
you need.

Choice Surrogacy has the highest monthly expense allowance. In addition to the compensation and allowances, our benefit package includes generous incident allowances and comprehensive health insurance as well as a separate life insurance policy.

Make a difference in your life and in others!

Also, while it’s not always a guarantee, Texas surrogate mothers can request to be matched with intended parents who are working with a TX IVF clinic and Texas parents.

Refer a friend considering being a surrogate and earn $1,500.00!


Why Texas is a Great State for Surrogacy 


  • Texas is great family-oriented environment
  • Great for surrogates to raise their families
  • Positive surrogacy policies and legislation
  • Industry Leading Attorneys
  • World-class fertility doctors and clinics
  • Surrogates have access to comprehensive OBGYN and Hospital care
  • Texas has a favorable surrogacy law for surrogate mothers and intended parents.
  • Choice has supported families and surrogates from all over Texas.

Welcome to Texas — The Lone Star State has a surrogacy-friendly judicial system, where
courts routinely grant intended parents pre-birth orders (PBOs) before the baby is
delivered. Your name(s) goes on the birth certificate without a lengthy and expensive

Becoming Parents through surrogacy in Texas Texas residents and International intended Parents from around the world come to Texas to enjoy surrogacy friendly environment. There are many benefits for you as intended parents:

  • Local IVF clinics. Choice works closely with the most successful IVF clinics, some of which are located in, Austin,  Houston and Dallas. Working with a local clinic helps reduce travel costs associated with your journey. If you’re already established with an IVF clinic, we’re happy to work with your clinic of choice.
  • Local surrogates. If you’re interested in working with a surrogate who lives close to you, Choice works with surrogates from throughout Texas.


Starting the Surrogacy Process to Become a Parent

Once you’ve decided you’d like to grow your family through surrogacy and you are ready to schedule a consultation.
At Choice, a surrogacy consultation is an in-depth meeting. Education and informing you through of the differences our agency compared to the rest of the industry. Our personalized touch is unparalleled in surrogacy.
Once you complete your Parent Questionnaire, we will reach out to you for a Zoom meeting lasting approximately 2 hours. This private meeting will allow us to get to know you and your story, as well as talk about surrogacy and the process as it relates to your personal situation. We’ll help you understand Choice surrogacy programs and surrogacy costs with your Choice Guarantee Programs.

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Texas is home to our Family, let us help you find a Texas surrogate for your family

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Choice Surrogacy has over 25 years of experience providing the happiness and rewards for creating Families with Surrogates for Parents. Former Founder and Owner of Growing Generations, surrogacy agency, and New Life Agency, assisted reproduction insurance company, Taylor’s team at Choice Surrogacy serves no more than 75 clients annually and is proud to provide personal, individualized service all along the way. "We are proud to be a boutique agency and always excited to help our parents and surrogates through one of the most important journeys of their life”, Trish Taylor

We Do Not Collect A Single Dollar Or Retainer Signature Until Your IVF Doctor Has Reviewed Your Surrogate’s Medical Records And You Have Completed A Match Meeting Facilitated By A Licensed Professional. Assisting surrogates throughout the U.S. and Parents Worldwide.